Instant Pre-selection

Be caught looking/light flirting every once in a while- deny it fi she makes an issue of it.
Talk to other chicks on the phone in front of her.
Leave the little “taken” clues that women leave around your house/car there (scrunchies, earrings, etc); if they no woman has done this- buy some and do it yourself.
Don’t answer your phone at suspicious times every once in a while; make up a bad excuse as to why.
Hickies (if you’re into that sort of thing and you’re not exclusive)
“Forget” to clean up before she comes over- leave out two marini glasses and the bottle- one with lipstick marks on it
Take some hair from a brush from a chick with different hair color then hers- leave a few obvious strands where you know she’ll see them.
Leave some empty condom wrappers on top of your bathroom trash; if you haven’t ****ed in a while- just throw out the condoms somewhere else and leave the wrappers

Basicially anything that makes her think that you’re boning other chicks, even if you’re not.


Women flip the script for frame control

Beautiful women love to play innocent and blame their “significant other” for being “paranoid”, “over protective”, or “jealous” (fill in the blank) when they go out on their scandalous adventeurs… also known as girls night out.

If they admitted the truth then their SO would have some right to object. By denying the truth and calling it “harmless fun with the girlfriends” they can put the shame on the SO for objecting while putting him on the defensive… all while they continue to go about their whorish ways.

They keep the frame and the power AND get to do what they want.

Commitment means nothing to women

When the average man commits he thinks his woman will reciprocate out of a sense loyalty.

That is not how the world works.

We truely live in a world where up is down. Left if gang bang and I love you is I slept with your best friend. We’ve been fed nothing but pretty lies.

The only thing that keeps a woman loyal, to any degree, is the amount of emotion she has toward you. The “commitment” you show towards her means nothing.

In actuality it  makes her less loyal beause you will become less of a challenge and seen as less alpha.

Refusing to commit and having multiple girls will keep you on your toes because you’re always ready to walk and call her on her shit at anytime.

The Alpha male jealousy female insecurity dynamic; exploit it to your maximum advantage – it makes the whores want you more and ladies want to stay. It will get you more poon and respect then all the flowers and choclates in the world.

PS- the ladies are whores at heart too- they just lie about it.