Your home effects your mental state

“State”, is, for lack of a better way of putting it, your underyling  subconscious comfort level; It’s not an emotion, its how relaxed or stressed the brain feels which in turn influcences your emotions and disposition.  When your state is positive you’re more emotionally dynamic- you’re more able to easily resonate with people emotionally, you’re more talkitive, optimistic, and extroverted.   

In someplace unfamiliar, dirty, or chaotic?  Then you feel uncomfortable and stressed- even though you’re not feeling an emotion such as anger, love, or happiness per say.  Similarly, if you’re in a place that’s familiar, clean, and organized you’re going to feel less stressed and more relaxed even though, once again, you’re not expirencing any particular emotion. 

People recommend everything from jerking off, to watching Seinfeld, to not jerking off in order to have a better state.   They’re trying to achieve that higher subconscious baseline from which to operate before they go out and try to pickup girls; they know that their chances of success are that much higher with a positive state, they’ll seem more attractive and vibe better once they start interacting.

You have limited control of your environment once you step out your door; but you do control inside your door. 

An organized and clean living space has a strong positive effect on your state.   Whether getting up in the morning, or stepping out the door, your brain responds to the cleanliness and organization of a well maintained home.  Somehow having everything in its place and maintained makes your subconscious feel less cluttered, disorganized, and chaotic.  Your state is automatically improved as are your interactions with others.


2 thoughts on “Your home effects your mental state

  1. andrewmichaelmedina says:

    What sort of dopamine precursors were you using with Nuvigil. I want to give it a shot with piracetam.

  2. olivermaerk says:

    Your Environment and even more you social surrounding determine your fate.


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