Exploiting Violence Proxies

If you observe male animals in the wild you’ll see that they fight for mating rights to females. 

Bull Moose, Rams, Lions, Chimps… all are asserting their superiority and breeding rights over females.The clash of horns, the roars, the chest pounding- all of it is to see which is the superior male that deserves to mate.  The order of operations of this behavior is usually as follow:

A challenge is issued. The two males try to intimidate each other- if one doesen’t back off they will fight for supremacy.  In the state of nature strength, status, and willpower determine the order of the mating heirarchy. 

Basically speaking there are two methods of resolving a question of superiority between two males

1. Resolution via intimidation

2. Resolution via violence

Humans have the same behavioral substructure built within their hindbrain. 

  In human beings, the challenge is public insults.  A failure to respond to an insult is a failure to rise to a challenge- it’s surrender in the male mating dance before the fight has even begun.  A failure to respond to an insult is a direct blow to ranking within the status heirarchy and consequently a decrease in social power and mating opportunities.  

That is why males react and have a very visceral emotional reaction to insults.  Its why ghetto thugs will kill each other over “disrespect” and why fights start in bars.  The men “know” that failure to respond, either with a chest pounding of their own or with violence, will result in the surrounding women seeing them as weak and inferior- and consequently mating with their rivals.

Human soceity has thrown a wrench in the gears of this little mechanism- namely retaliatory violence proxies.  These proxies (Police, Bouncers, etc) both intimidate and brutally repress the “resolution via violence” system of the alpha male social heirarchy.

“Assholes” exploit this in social situations.  They know that they’re protected by these violence proxies-  they’re free from having to back up their heirarchal challenges with the promise of “resolution via violence” if the challenge is answered and the “resolution via intimidation” fails;  so they insult/degrade the males around them with impunity.  Most males are too “polite” to respond with a chest pounding verbal volley of their own back at the asshole, and fear to respond with violence because of the violence proxies- so they, in the eyes of women, appear weak;  too afraid to rise to the verbal challenge of the Asshole male. 

 The Asshole wins the heirarchal challenge and gets laid by the surrounding women as a result.


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