Good Girls

So many men think they have good girls… why?

They give many reasons- but they can be summed up as because their girls told them they were.

Women are deceiptful, self cenetered, selfish, manipulative, and trecherous. Don’t trust a word that comes out of their mouth when they talk about their sexual history. When they tell you their “sexual history” you’re not reading the book of their life- you’re reading a propaganda phamphlet designed to ensare you and reel you into the cause.

Want to know what the real history is? Get the chick REALLY drunk. Play it cool; don’t be judgemental- play the role and listen. You’ll find out the sort of wretched prostitute you’re idealizing and putting on a pedastol.


Your rose colored fairtale version of reality, aka The Matrix, may not survive when you learn that a girl who LOOKS pretty and acts innocent is, most likely, a filthy whore.


One thought on “Good Girls

  1. Men think they have good girls because if they were to acknowledge the truth about women our species would probably be extinct within a couple of hundred years.

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