You’ve been lied to since childhood

The hardest thing that anyone has to accept when breaking free of the Matrix of modern soceity is that they’ve been lied to since childhood.

Everything that they’ve been taught that is “bad” for a man to do (be a jerk, date/sleep with multiple women, make her jealous, look out for our own interests first, listen to our thoughts and opinions and ignore hers when she stops her little feet, etc) is actually the right thing to do if you want lots of sex or even a happy and successful relationship.

I’ve seen with my own two eyes that when you bark orders at a woman, treat her like she’s easily replacable, laugh at her demands, and otherwise treat her like garbage then she’ll happily lick your feet clean and ask for seconds.

Yet if you take that same woman and then start being nice, calling all the time, telling her you love her all the time, take her to dinner every night, etc (basically doing all the AFC things that you’ve been taught by “soceity” (TV and movies) to do since you were a kid) you’ll quickly find that those feelings of “infinite unending love” and “we’re soulmates meant to be together for life” will disappear faster then you can say “what the hell just happened” and she’ll have a heart of Ice towards you. Its extremely counter-intuitive…. the fact that the social reinforcement flows almost completely in the AFC direction makes it even harder to identify these facts- let alone change your behavior.


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