Why nascent alphas need to date multiple women

The point of dating multiple women, for the guys who are not yet true alphas, is two-fold.

1. To develop the prize mentality and to reprogram themselves so that they’re no longer afflicted with the baggage that comes with so many years of being an AFC/beta. 

Dating multiple women is the coccon in which you metamorphize from beta to alpha- behold aloofness (who cares what one chick thinks/wants when you have others), confidence (I can always get another chick), and sexuality (you’re use to charming your way into a woman’s pants) all sprout from where before there was an asexual lump.

2. To realize what women are really like.

Its all too easy for a beta/AFC to get fooled into thinking that a woman/girl is worthy of your time, effort and life long committment when you do not know the true nature of women…. in short- ignorance is bliss.

Nascent alphas need the point driven home by seeing “nice girls” sucking them off in department stores, wifes and fiancees blantently cheating on their husbands, and women repeatidly lying and abusing the good nature of betas.

Both of the above will keep the nascent alpha on the road of caddishness and away from the pitfall of beta provider.


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