No rest for the weary

The man of higher status, a man who’s wife sees as “alpha”, is going to create constant competition anxeity in a wife regardless of the title and supposed security that the legally binding title gives her.

I think women are designed to want to constantly and consistently fuck their man when they think that their is a chance that a competitor female will try to steal their man, and source of security, away from them; women feel more raw lust towards their man under such circumstances.

The secret in marriage is to be the one denying sex and being seen as the object of desire; its similar to the attitude displated in the book “Pimp”; be the one that they’re chasing and trying to win the approval of and you’ll have the upper hand. You need to be one step ahead and thinking of how to keep the coals stoked and how to be in control- that is the plight of man.

As they said in the Godfather- only women and children can afford to be carefree- us men must be constantly focused on all aspects of our life- wheather it be our jobs, family, wives, or friends. There is no rest for us if we want to succeed, if we want to win.


2 thoughts on “No rest for the weary

  1. str8up says:

    A buddy of mine (who was recently married) expressed his disbelief at how much hornier his wife had been lately.

    “She drove all the way to Daytona to fuck me the other day!”

    He told me this after showing me pictures of the 19 year old hooters girl who is also sweating his jock.

    The idea of status had never dawned on him, so I felt it my duty to open his eyes to the fact that his ascension to minor celebrity status as a bike show promoter was in fact causing his wife to want to fuck the shit out of him. And it was doing the same to the 19 year old hooters girl.

    Sometimes natural alphas are pretty damn clueless.

  2. Mr. R says:

    Nice blog. Really like your perspective. Found my way over here from Roissy’s blog.

    Keep up the good work!

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