Don’t ever beg for sex

Denial of sex is a self-perepuating cycle with lack of desire on the woman’s part at the root of the problem.

It starts with man wanting sex and woman denying it. Man begs- and women might or might not give in- either way its irrelevant because begging for sex is the act of a lesser man and dimishes her attraction for him. Added with other beta acts it leads to a vicious cycle where she sees him as more and more beta and dosen’t want to sex him up.

Beta vs Alpha….


2 thoughts on “Don’t ever beg for sex

  1. Vincent Ignatius says:

    Indifference works as well here as it does elsewhere. But you have to keep bringing up her temperature if you can tell she’s just giving token LMR and will eventually put out. Unless you just want to crush her overblown ego.

  2. nycbachelor says:

    If you want to crush a girls ego- leave after she gets naked while making some comment about her weight. Most women are very self conscious when first getting naked, and even the ones that aren’t will feel dejected and humilated when you refuse SEX (the holy grail of most men) from her when she’s naked due to her figure….

    Save this ego blasting atomic weaponry for situations where its truely necessary- the woman will hate you with a passion afterwards; a cliche though it is at this point, the phrase is true.

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

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