The 6- more expensive then you think

Men want a 10.  Most men can’t get one, but with effort, the “average” man can get a woman who ranks between a 7-8.5.  However, doing so requires effort.  Getting shot down multiple times, dating, being at the top of ones game.

This is far more effort then most men can muster.  Their ego can’t handle constant rejection, let alone overcome the approach anxeity they feel when they see a girl that catches their fancy. 

So what do they do?  They settle for less then their best, for mediocrity.

Now, this isn’t a shock to any of you- you’re saying “but NYC Bachelor- we’re all alphas here- this is something we’re well aware of- what is your point?”

My point is that Alphas are just as guilty. Many underbang by keeping a 6 on the side.

They get wasted, and settle for the 6 when the beer goggles are on.

They don’t feel like going out, so they go to the 6’s place.

My point is that every minute and dollar that you spend seducing, maintaining, or fing a 6 is a minute/dollar that could be spent on a higher quality lay.  A 6 is cheap on a direct minute/dollar analysis, but the cost quickly shoots up when one considers the opporunity cost involved.  The minute you spend with that 6 is the minute that 8 decides to go home and use her dildo, or the minute that beta with the popped collar, filled with liquid courage, moves in. 

In other words- by choosing the 6, you’re not choosing the 8? Savy?

Of course, some of you will rationalize this by saying- “ah, but see the 6 has a purpose- it keeps me stone cold aloof by keeping my sack nice and empty!”

This argument does have some merit- but only if the male in question is accustomed to female beauty.  If he still values an 8 for being pretty then an empty sack will not produce an aloof male- he’ll still be invested in the outcome because he sees her as valuable. 

Long story short- you should only be fucking a 6 if it makes your game better. Like if you’re on a cold streak.  A slump buster is needed occasionally.


3 thoughts on “The 6- more expensive then you think

  1. Vincent Ignatius says:

    I’m guilty of slumming it due to laziness. A negative externality this produces is making lower quality girls think they can have a man like me. She treats guys at her level like shit because she thinks she can score a higher quality guy.

  2. nycbachelor says:

    Alpha slumming- the source of so much unhappiness in marriages when women “settle” later in life.

  3. str8up says:

    There is nothing wrong with lowering your standards as long as it is a means to an end and not an excuse.

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