Rule of thumb

I’ve come to the conclusion that girls who are sluts will go out of their way to tell you that they’re not sluts while girls who aren’t probably won’t mention it.

Similiar to how a person who hasn’t gone to jail, murdered, stolen, etc wouldn’t mention that they had NOT done those things- simply because their conscious mind isn’t even thinking of those things, while the people who have done them have are.

In other words- only a slut will go out of her way to tell you she’s not a slut and the reasons she’s not a slut.

Just a rule of thumb.


One thought on “Rule of thumb

  1. str8up says:

    95% of the time people will tell you everything you need to know about them if you know how to interpret their words.

    When I was managing my rental properties, I learned that the first red flag to look for is when someone makes the unsolicited claim that they are not a drug addict.

    Conversely, a woman who tells you a dozen times that she is not going to have sex with you, this means that she wants nothing more than for you to give her an excuse to fuck you.

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