Unplugging chumps is dirty business…

To paraphrase Morpheus- most people don’t want to be unplugged.

They’re happy living in their dream world and will hate you if you try and distrub it.  Women are angels who want love relationships and committment- they’ll only cheat if the man dosen’t treat them right- end of discussion. They don’t want to think of anything else.

“Well- what about Neo, he was offered the Red Pill and a chance to escape the Matrix!”

The reason the Neo was offered the Red Pill was because he was seeking out the truth. He was ready to accept that his entire reality was a construct that others had errected to exploit him for their own benefit. What would have happened had Morpheus gone up to the average citizen and told them the truth? They would have laughed at him, or thought that he was insane. They weren’t ready to accept the truth.

The same situation exists with Betas/AFCs- if you tell them the truth- they’ll say you hate women, or have dated the wrong types, or whatever else they can come up with to protect the mental model underwhich they operate. They’re invested in that mental model and they’re happy with it; to challenge it is to, almost literally, destory the world they live in. Not only will how they view the world be destroyed, but how they view themselves will be destroyed as well. So much of what they consider important and admirable, about themselves, such as say how “Nice” they are, act to build up (though I would say prop up) their ego and self esteem. If you destroy their world, you destroy those things as well. How many people do you know could handle this shock? I certainly don’t think the average person could.

Even without the psychological defense mechanisms, that protect the ego, AFCs/betas would still be difficult to unplug. 
There is so much conflicting “evidence” to the contrary to reinforce their beliefs- female friends, mothers, family members, similarly programmed guys, movies, TV, magazines all tell them that the AFC/beta/”Nice guy” is what women want.

Over a lifetime, this sets the social standard by which they operate by- they think that this is genuinely how the world operates, and they have no reason to question it; this is the “world” that I pointed out earlier. Now even if said AFC/beta/”Nice guy” is rational and is willing to learn, and detach his ego from his “world”, he’s still going to be difficult to convince since the vast majority of everything he hears completely supports his view of how the world operates.

Any contradictions to his “world” from female behavior is also dealt with via social conventions- the girls who don’t conform to his “standard” of female behavior are deficient in some manner; the girl who goes for the muscular jock is “shallow, the girl who goes for the rich asshole is a “gold digger”, the girl who sleeps around alot is a “slut”, etc. To him, the standard isn’t deficient in any way- the people who fail to meet it are (this is the case with “worlds” other then the one of how women operate- but that’s another story).

What does all of this mean? It means that the “world” that the beta/AFC/Nice Guy operates in is logical, consistent, supported by evidence, and reinforced on almost a daily basis. That’s why, even aside from the ego investment, that its so difficult to unplug guys from the matrix.

The only thing you can do is try to nudge people towards the truth. Once they’re ready to see the truth, you can offer them the Red Pill. If you attempt to drag them to the path then they’ll fight you tooth and nail, kicking and screaming- you’re insane and you don’t know what you’re talking about.


One thought on “Unplugging chumps is dirty business…

  1. str8up says:

    Indeed. The red pill is a very bitter pill to swallow.

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