Women have Co-opted morality

Piece by little piece I’ve been analyzing a problem that’s been bothering me ever since I had my eyes opened to the Matrix and the way the world really works; namely how is it that women can manpulate men so effectively? How can they get men to avoid their own interests and submitting to their own? Why are shaming tactics so effective? 
In another’s words- “Women, like little Caesars, can order men about at their will.”

Why is that?

I think one of the primary methods is that of controlling morality.  Social conventions that women employ; this, along with shaming tactics, is another piece of the puzzle.

I believe the primary reason is that women have co-opted morality to their own ends and thus have not only become the controllers of social behavior but the arbiters and definers of good and evil, as it relates to inter-gender behavior, as well.

I believe that there are two primary causes for this. The first is the nature of man. Most men have an innate tendency (whether it socialized or natural is another question…) to adhere to what they believe is “good”. We need a moral code of behavior, and stick to it, like a fish to water.

When we’re young most of us are indoctrinated with a golden rule- treat others…- version of morality complete with religious indoctrination and the heaven/hell reward scheme for such behavior. To put it succinctly, we’re indoctrinated with a self-sacrificial altrustic ideal as the basis for our morality. This is also known as the slave morality.

Women, on the other hand, have a much greater tendency for amorality. They are not guided so much buy ideals of good/evil as much as they are by the ideas of benefical/non-beneficial; consequently things that benefit them are labeled as “good” and things that don’t are labeled as “bad”. As a result when intergender conflict arises things that benefit a woman are labeled as good and things that don’t are bad.

Man is too busy for wife “he’s a bad husband”
Buy’s jewelry: “Good husband”
Leaves her because she’s a *****: “Bad man”
Stays and takes her sh*t: “He’s a goodman”

In fact, I would actually go a step further and argue that “justice” and “fairness” are actually impediments to a woman’s mating perogatives; if she acts with “justice” towards her beta provider, and stays loyal, she misses out on the alpha/quality genes that she could have provided her children with had she been amoral and self centered….. in other words amorality had positive sexual selection in women while “justice” was selected against.
This is nothing new.

The reason these works is becauses of men’s moral code. They accept the social conventions/shaming tactics because in a man’s mind they’re not standards of good/bad but rather a standard of good/evil. For most men, going against them would mean going against their moral code and dealing with both inner and outer moral condemnation for their own “selfish” benefit.

In other words- men are not enslaved by women and shaming tactics. They are enslaved by the slave morality. Women merely employ them to their own benefit.

To rid yourself of manipulations, shaming tactics, and the chains of artificial social conventions you must rid yourself, once and for all, of the self destructive slave morality.

It’s the only way to become an alpha.

4 thoughts on “Women have Co-opted morality

  1. Vincent Ignatius says:

    You’re on the right path.

    Every woman is garbage until proven otherwise.

  2. nycbachelor says:

    And how would they accomplish that?

  3. Vincent Ignatius says:

    Walk on water? I’m not really sure, because no woman has ever proven otherwise.

    Garbage is an exaggeration, but no woman has ever proven she deserves my love.

  4. str8up says:

    “The reason these works is becauses of men’s moral code. They accept the social conventions/shaming tactics because in a man’s mind they’re not standards of good/bad but rather a standard of good/evil.”

    You have come a long way, young Daniel-San.

    I would like to add that as long as women have the “victim card” at their disposal, they will never be forced to adhere to the same moral code that men are expected to uphold.

    I know you see things a little bit differently than I do when it comes to messing around with women who are “taken”, but this is yet another moralistic constraint that only applies to men, so I refuse to adhere to it. When a woman cheats, she was driven to cheat by the actions/inactions of her man. When a man cheats, he’s a scumbag whore-dog sex addict.

    When you see the truth you no longer have to be bound by constraints that were put in place to benefit others. When you realize that your strings were being pulled you can transform yourself from puppet to puppeteer.

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