Marriage takes all your power

In modern relationships- a man has one power, the power of walking. 

 If a man provides some form of value (whether it be humor, fun, excitement, money) then she will expirence a loss when he goes.  She dosen’t want this so she modifies her behavior accordingly- its basic negative feedback for bad behavior.

Like smacking a dog with a newspaper.

If a woman acts up- he leaves.  If she cheats- he leaves.  If she spits on him and calls his mother a whore- he leaves (well, I would slap the shit out of her, but most men don’t have the sack to do that). That’s the only theat he has to utilize against her.

 He cannot beat her. 

 He cannot deprive her of property.

He cannot take the kids.

He cannot throw her onto the streets; regardless of justification in doing so.

All he can do is walk. Before a man gets married, if he walks he walks he keeps everything his that he owns.  He’s a free man. 

Once he gets married- he removes that option; he’s ransomed his past and future for a dubius opportunity to be with the woman “forever”. In reality all he’s done is removed the one power he has- that of depriving her of his value.  With divorce the way it is, a woman retains a mans value (at least the financial form of it) when they get seperate- so your leaving is really a non-issue.  She already secured your value… permenantly.

If you get married, you better hope you found a great bitch- because she’ll be able to piss in your face every morning and there isn’t a god damn legal thing you can do about it….

Way to go champ


2 thoughts on “Marriage takes all your power

  1. Niko says:

    Dude I know just up and left and went to Cyprus. Great when you have the option of going to a country without and extradition treaty.

  2. str8up says:

    Most men do not understand just how much power modern women have over them. This is why you have to maintain a super tight frame. Game (especially LTR game) is a good way to keep your chick in line, but ultimately there is no substitute for true, raw, “earned” value. If you are valuable enough, you are essentially indispensable.

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