Find the time, find the woman, find the MAN

I think one of the fundamental excuses that guys (myself in particular) give themselves is that of not having enough time to go out and find women.  So, they sit get home… and they waste their time.

Days, weeks, months, years of life go by.  They watch this TV  show or that movie or play a different video game.  Then they wonder why their sex lives stink and they look on with envy/hate at guys with a high notch count. 

This is the fundamental difference between men and boys.

Men decide what they want, and then they get it.  They suffer, they fail then they conquer.

Boys wish- they’re like women and little girls.

“I wish I had a girl friend”

“I wish I got laid more often”

“I wish I was in better shape”

“I wish I got more looks from the girls”

All things that a man can decide that he wants and can achieve with time, effort, and consistent application.

Want to meet girls?  Make time to be at the places where they frequent.

Want to be in better shape? Make time to go to the gym.

Want to get checked out by women? Buy some better clothes.

Men find a way to make things happen.  Boys play X-box all night before jerking themselves off.


2 thoughts on “Find the time, find the woman, find the MAN

  1. sestamibi says:

    Ooooh, I’m first! I’m first!

    No disagreement from this native NYer now living in the wilds of northern Nevada. Only thing I would point out (learned by sad experience) is that time flies and you’d better put the effort in sooner rather than later.

    I lived in NJ for over 11 years, during which time I endured a 55 mile one-way commute because I wanted to buy a house. I wanted a back yard, a barbecue grill, and lawn furniture. I wanted them not only for their own sake, but because I thought I would impress women with my stability and “provider game”. My workday (often with OT) and three hour roundtrip, plus yardwork, etc. put a large dent in my time to pursue women, which I have had much opportunity to regret–particularly since I barely got what I paid for it when I sold it.

    I ultimately did find someone. We’ve been married almost 13 years now, but we have a severely autistic 11 year old son, the most beautiful boy in the world. I am bitter only because these things came to me too late in life, thanks to both the inflated expectations of today’s feminized bitches as well as my own choices.

  2. str8up says:

    “Want to get checked out by women? Buy some better clothes.”

    Or get a mohawk.

    Works for me.

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