And so it begins…..

Credit to this blog being started lies with RooshV and Roissy.  Roissy in particular finally pushed me over the threshold, and firmly into the realm of the dark arts,  with this post:

While Roosh pushed me into blogging about it with this post:

An inspiration to men who follow the ways of  “romance”  to be sure.

 I am off onto the off beaten path of seduction and blogging – I can hardly wait to see where it leads.

With that said- the path to all success lies in hard work.  Many a night of seedy bars, clubs, and nightlife lie ahead.  Daygame must be worked into the schedule into as well.  All opporunities must be explored and taken.

And you- the voracious reader, must be entertained at all times.  No doubt, the vicarious thrill of my exploits is cathartic for me; however, for you its nothing more then pornographic literature.  You seek these blogs to learn and be entertained.

I shall do that and all more….

But until then be amused by this picture of a Racoon holding a Kitten hostage…

(and no I don’t know what the Russian translation is)


2 thoughts on “And so it begins…..

  1. Vincent Ignatius says:

    Good luck

  2. maurice says:

    It says “or let (us) off from work earlier.” but I think the “earlier” (paran’she) is misspelled – should be “poran’she”

    good luck w the blog.

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